Facebook Podcasts: Podcast Pages are arriving on Facebook

Facebook Podcasts: Podcast Pages are arriving on Facebook

Facebook Podcasts are arriving as part of the company’s push for audio. The rollout, according to The Verge, happens tomorrow, June 22.

Podcasters who are on Facebook will soon be able to link their shows’ RSS feeds and automatically post updates every time they publish a new episode. Emails sent to podcasters detail how Facebook “will be the place where people can enjoy, discuss, and share the podcasts they love with each other”.

Check out the email here:

Publishers who decide to distribute episodes via Facebook will soon have access to a feature called Clips, which functions similarly to that found in Facebook Gaming.

Here’s what a standard Podcast Page will look like:

If you’re looking to get on Facebook Podcasts, you’ll want to read the fine print here. It’s worth going through, especially for creators who want their IPs protected.

With this move, Facebook embraces the growing discussion around podcast episodes that happen a lot on the platform, be it on personal profiles or more frequently in Groups. This lines up with the company’s push as the nexus for creators, from gaming streamers to podcasters.

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