How to revert to Facebook’s old layout

Facebook Old Version: How to get Facebook's old layout

If you’re missing Facebook’s old version and look, there’s an easy to way to revert to the old layout.

The new, revamped design, while visually exciting, introduces some bugs and frustratingly hides some key features that you may have been used to up until the switch. You can’t really blame anyone who wants to bring back the old layout.

And here’s how to do it.

  1. Install the Old Layout Chrome extension (it’s free!)
  2. Find the extension on your Extensions bar, tap it, and make sure that it’s set to “Old Layout”
  3. Et viola! You should have the old Facebook layout runing.

Here’s what the Facebook old version looks like with the extension:

Facebook Old Version: How to get Facebook's old layout

While this is a nifty solution, the Extension’s developer is the first to admit that it’s not perfect. In the Thank You page for the extension, they say:

“This extension works by telling Facebook that you are actually using an old browser, which its new redesign doesn’t support.

BUT… there are some side-effects of that. Some features may not work perfectly, some might not be available at all (i.e. Video Chat), and there may be some visual quirks.

Unfortunately, I can’t do much about those things. Facebook thinks you are using an old browser, so it disables some things that won’t work in old browsers. That’s just a trade-off.”

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