The 5 best free online photo editors in 2021

The 5 best free online photo editors in 2021

The rise in demand for photo editing software comes from businesses and their need for social media content. While large corporations have access to creative teams, small businesses don’t even have Photoshop

What they can access, however, are online photo editors. These heaven-sent apps don’t require users to 1.) pay for subscriptions, or 2.) download any complicated software. 

In this list, we’re going over five of the best FREE online photo editors you can use to create graphics, logos, and assets for your social media.

5 best FREE online photo editors in 2021

This list has the best photo editing software you can use online without spending a buck. The list ranges from Photoshop clones to more innovative solutions to online graphic design tools.

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5 best FREE online photo editors in 2021
  1. Canva
  2. Photopea
  3. Over
  4. Adobe Spark
  5. Taler


What's New in Canva | Software Updates & Product Launches

Canva pushed the boundaries of what one can do online when it comes to graphic design. Hailing from the Philippines (incidentally also where Tech Rejects is), Canva has a fresh suite of creative tools that both beginners and professional designers will love.

There are premade templates (sized to specific size dimensions of social media posts/covers), a wide library of free graphic assets, and a ton of free fonts and design elements. But most important is how intuitive and easy the experience is creating your design. If you’re the type of person to be intimidated by Photoshop, this one’s for you.

Canva is FREE, with premium plans available to unlock more features.


photopea-screenshot – Logos By Nick

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Photopea. It is perhaps one of the best free online photo editors based solely on the fact that it’s such a terrific clone of Photoshop. It’s like Adobe’s staple graphic design tool, but entirely browser-based and free of cost.

Enjoy a whole suite of tools and functions both familiar and fresh, from filters, effects, to fancy design elements. The whole design process resembles a lot like that in Photoshop, but is also streamlined enough so that beginners have an easier time.

Photopea is FREE, with premium plans available to unlock more features.


Over | The power to stand out in the palm of your hands.

Over (or Made with Over) is a photo-editing app created by folks at GoDaddy. It’s a service that intersects with their customers who need social media content along with a website. 

Like Canva, designing with Over is simple and just pleasant. Either set a canvas size or start with premade templates. Then, help yourself to a great selection of fonts, graphics, and design elements. While the free version is limited when compared to Canva, it’s still a good place to start.

Over is FREE, but the premium plans are better; we highly recommend you get the upgrade if you go with this app.

Adobe Spark

How to Make an "About My Work" Video with Adobe Spark | Adobe Spark  tutorials

Canva is a hit with business owners and marketers. It’s no surprise that other companies want a piece of the pie—including Adobe. Kind of a full-circle moment because Canva is such a great Photoshop alternative, and here are its makers making a Canva alternative.

But I digress. Adobe Spark has a bit to offer too. Most unique is its ability to transform your images into funky animated promos in just a few seconds. Apart from that, Spark has all the staples pinned down, from templates to graphics to background removal, etc.

Adobe Spark is FREE to try. Plans start at $9.99 a month.


Taler is Shopify’s own online photo editor. Meant to aid their customers with content creation, the app’s focus leans more towards e-commerce. So think e-commerce content like promos, drop announcements, and the like.

Like other online photo editors in this list, Taler provides you with a whole menu of social media templates, access to staple fonts, as well as some design elements.

Taler (by Shopify) is FREE.

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