Windows 11 leaks tease a revisualized OS with Fluent design

Microsoft is set to officially announce the newest iteration of its OS, but Windows 11 leaks have already surfaced days ahead of that launch.

As unearthed by the fine folks at XDA Developers, we finally get a glimpse of what Windows 11 looks like—a revamped OS with a modernized, more fluent design. The keyword there is “fluent”, because Microsoft has been pushing for a unified design language called Fluent, the equivalent of Material to Google.

As it is now, Windows 11 doesn’t exactly look like a whole new OS, but an improvement of Windows 10. It’s basically the same operating system, but with better looks.

Take a look at XDA’s exclusive screenshots.

One thing that popped out to me is this Spotlight-like panel. It beefs up the already-available system-wide search function available via Windows PowerTools, It has a whole grid of apps and recommended files to get you to your work faster.

More, the taskbar has gotten a design revamp. It looks way cleaner at the center now, kind of like its own version of MacOS’ dock.

What do you guys think about Windows’ new look?

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