How to watch Netflix at 1080p in Google Chrome

How to watch Netflix at 1080p in Google Chrome

In case you didn’t know, for reasons unknown, Netflix caps their quality at 720p for users watching in Google Chrome.

It’s an annoying quirk, because other modern browsers like Microsoft Edge and Safari let you watch Netflix in 4K and even 5.1 Surround Sound. 720p is fine if you watch from a tiny laptop, but when you’re watching on a sizable monitor, the quality dip is kind of pesky.

So here’s a nifty guide on how you can watch Netflix at 1080p using Google Chrome.

How to watch Netflix at 1080p in Chrome

We’ll preface this by saying that there is no official way to watch Netflix in full HD using Google Chrome. And truly, the easier way would be to just use the aforementioned browsers. For Windows, specifically, you can use the Windows 10 app, which supports 4K.

But for the rest of us who refuses to switch out of Chrome, here’s a helpful guide.

How to watch Netflix at 1080p in Google Chrome

First, find Truedread’s repository for the Netflix 1080p extension. Click the green button that says Code and hit Download ZIP.

How to watch Netflix at 1080p in Google Chrome

Next, extract/unzip your downloaded file. In Chrome, go to Extensions. Click Developer Mode, then hit the Load Unpacked button at the top left part of the screen.

How to watch Netflix at 1080p in Google Chrome

Choose the directory that contains the file manifest.json, in this case the netflix-1080p-master folder. And that’s it!

With the extension installed, you’ll finally be able to watch movies and TV shows in full HD. Make sure that you check the following boxes:

To close, you might want to understand that using the extension might raise your CPU usage since Netflix was never intended to be played back in 1080p on Chrome. But if you have a pretty decent machine and internet connection, you should be fine. Remember to disable your adblocker too!

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