Pokémon Go PvP Battles: A battle guide for players

Now that PvP battles are live for Level 10 players and above.

Niantic has dropped the much-anticipated PvP battle system to their smash hit “Pokémon Go”, now to more players than the last time. If you’re at Level 10 or above, you’ll find the option to battle other players tucked somewhere in Go’s UI.

Here’s how to do it.

How to battle other trainers in Pokémon Go

To challenge a fellow trainer, you will have to be in close proximity with an opponent. When you are, tap the button at the bottom right of the screen (the one that sits under your Research Tasks).

Under the “Battle” tab, you’ll find nearby players to challenge. Simply tap their photo and get them to scan your QR Code.

Pokémon Go PvP Battles: A battle guide for players

This whole social process—which is the very core of Pokémon Go—can be overtaken for battles against your Ultra or Best Friends. You can battle them remotely at any time, granted that they’re online.

If you’d like to try battles out first, you can battle AI-controlled trainers posed as leaders of Team Valor, Team Mystic, and Team Instinct.

How PvP battles work in Pokémon Go

Gym and raid battles have somehow set themselves as the “traditional” setup for Pokémon Go battles, it seems. But here’s the stinger: PvP battles are different.

Here’s how:

In Pokémon Go battles, you pick a party of three Pokémon instead of six. And though much of the gameplay remains pretty similar, there are new stuff like Protect Shields, second charge moves, and more which completely change the battle dynamic. Sure, it’s still a mindless barrage of spam attacks, but at least you have a bunch of other stuff to think about.

Pokémon Go PvP Battles: A battle guide for players

Protect Shields is exactly what they sound like. They are deflectors you can deploy at any moment. Of course, you’ll have a limited number of these to use in battle, so make sure to use it where it counts.

Second charge moves are now available as well but at some cost—either with Stardust or Pokémon candies.

PvP battles have different leagues: Great, Ultra, and Master. With the exception of the Master League, each one has a CP cap. Meaning, you can’t use your best Pokémon to battle with and get away with an easy win. You’ll have to play smart and pick the Pokémon that’s most effective under the CP cap.

Lastly, it’s important to note that PvP battles are timed. Unless either party is exhausted, the trainer with the most number of Pokémon left will be declared the winner. If both parties are equal after the timer ends, the trainer with the most HP left wins.

What’s in it for you? PvP battle rewards in Pokémon Go

When you participate in PvP battles, you’ll earn Stardust. Sometimes an evolution item or Sinnoh Stone will be thrown into the loot. You get a reward whether you win or lose, but we imagine you reap bigger when you win a battle.

It’s worth noting that PvP battle rewards are only given three times every day. You get one battle reward if you play against an AI team leader.

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You’ll also make progress in the Ace Trainer medal track participating in PvP battles.

Over to you: What are your thoughts on Pokémon Go PvP battles?

Now that PvP battles are here, we want to know your thoughts: Have you been liking the PvP battles so far? Let us know in the comments below.