How to Check Your Grab Expenses Summary: Curious how much you’ve been spending for your Grab rides? You can check the summary of all your Grab expenses by generating a report for all your bills and receipts. Pretty much how you would generate a bank statement account or a credit card bill.

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A word of caution: just like most bills, the your total spend for Grab rides may be shocking, especially if you use Grab to go to work every day. In my case, I found out that I’ve actually spent over Php 70,000 for Grab rides this year alone. That’s actually more than enough as downpayment for a decent car.


How to Check Your Grab Expenses Summary

If you wish to go ahead and check your Grab expenses summary, here’s how to do it:

How to Check Your Grab Expenses Summary

  1. Go to
  2. Input the mobile number that you use for Grab
  3. A PIN code will be sent to your Grab app. Open your Grab app and go to “Notifications” to see the PIN code.
  4. Enter the PIN Code to access your profile. Here you can see your Rides History, Profile, and Credit Card you use for GrabPay transactions.
  5. Go to “Rides History” and input the start and end dates of the history you wish to check.
  6. Download the PDF Report.
  7. The PDF report will show you the total number of trips you had, and the total amount you spent within the start and end dates you indicated.

Update: Apparently, the bill only generates a maximum of 300 rides. If you’ve had more rides within the duration you indicated, the actual cost may be even higher! Set a shorter duration to get more accurate results.

The outrageous rates of Grab rides is a reflection of the worsening traffic and transportation situation in Metro Manila. It cannot be denied that despite the high prices, Grab offers a convenient and effective solution to the poor transportation systems that we have in Manila. We’re thankful though that there are now alternatives to Grab like Wunder and Angkas. We deserve decent public transportation so we wouldn’t have to resort to spending hundreds, even thousands, just to get to work.