Tech Rejects accepts products for review. If you have a gadget, software, and/or tech accessory you wish to send us, shoot our editor, Armando Dela Cruz, an email, at

While Tech Rejects is accepting sponsored posts (such as this one), it’s crucial to note that we do not accept “sponsored” reviews. As such, we keep full editorial control when it comes to reviews. Every review published on our platform are objectively our writers’ own and are not in any way tethered to any bias or favors.

We reserve the right to decline requests to review. We maintain the liberty to move forward or walk away from a review should it conflict with our editorial calendar, editorial guidelines, or other conflicting factors.

We accept loaner units, which we usually keep for at least 30 days. We make exceptions subject to internal agreements.

Companies usually send us units ahead of the device’s launch, and in such cases, we will follow an embargo date. Meaning, we will not post our review until the agreed upon date.

Tech Rejects' Review Policy
Our standard review card, seen at the end of all our reviews.

The point of our reviews is to provide our readers with no-nonsense insights that will give them a more informed decision on buying a tech product. As tech connoisseurs, we make it our job to bridge your product to the people who will love it the most by recommending it on our reviews. An example of a review may be seen thru this link.

Thusly, we hold the integrity of our reviews sanctimoniously. In short, we don’t “sell” our reviews. We don’t change our opinions for money.

If you wish to work with Tech Rejects on a paid campaign, you can. We offer a host of custom service packages that will suit your product. Shoot our editor, Armando Dela Cruz, an email, at