How to automatically update your Slack status with your Calendar

How to update your Slack status (according to your Google Calendar)

If you’re using Slack for work, updating your Slack status is essential know-how. Your status communicates your availability at the moment.

If, say, Anne from Marketing wanted to get you in on a meeting in 5 minutes, she’ll be able to easily spot if you’re online, offline, or busy doing something. What’s more, you can even come up with fun statuses, e.g. “🚇 En route to the office” or “☕ Out for my morning coffee, brb”.

Updating your Slack status is simple. Here’s how:

  1. From your desktop, click your profile picture in the top right.
  2. Click the Update your status field.
  3. Enter your status and select an emoji. Slack also has default options.
  4. Click Clear after to choose after how much time should the status clear (i.e. after 30 minutes, etc.)
  5. Click Save.

But keeping your Slack status updated all the time can be a chore. And there’s an easier way to smartly let your team know about your availability.

Update your Slack status using Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar

You can automatically update your Slack status whenever you have a meeting/event going on. To do this, you need to sync your Slack with your calendar of choice. This works for both Google Calendar and Outlook.

First, install the Google Calendar Slack app (or Outlook if that’s what you use).

Once installed, head over to the Apps section and find Google Calendar. There, you’ll find a message that prompts you to “try turning on automatic updates”. Hit the Turn on button.

And that’s it! Whenever you have an event/meeting posted in your Google Calendar, your Slack status will automatically be set to “📆 In a meeting”.

The same process goes for Outlook Calendar, but gives you more flexibility when it comes to statuses (you can choose from “📆 In a meeting”, “🏡 Working remotely”, or “🚗 Out of office”).

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