This concept video shows what the iPhone SE2 could look like

And it looks awesome...

WATCH: What the iPhone SE2 could look like

ConceptsiPhone has uploaded a concept video for the upcoming iPhone SE 2—and it looks great.

Rumors about the iPhone SE 2’s release have been rising up. Following a legitimately cheaper iPhone—the iPhone 11, at USD 699—speculations about Apple releasing an even cheaper one is growing abuzz.

MacOtakara even goes as far as claiming that the device is already in the woodwork and that it would take on the moniker of iPhone 9.

Following these rumors, a new concept video has popped up and it shows us what small but terrible of a device the iPhone SE 2 could turn out to be.

Watch the full video here:

Publshed by ConceptsiPhone, this video, though I’d like it to be true myself, should be taken with a grain of salt. It is, as mentioned, a concept. Apple has yet to drop any word about the release of the device.

Specs for the iPhone SE 2 include a speedy A13 Bionic processor and the same camera system that’s rocking in the iPhone 11, making it a compact yet powerful entry.

Check out some screen grabs from the video.

WATCH: What the iPhone SE2 could look like
WATCH: What the iPhone SE2 could look like