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The mobile gaming juggernaut is seen “charging” by plugging a two-way USB Type-C.

The ASUS ROG Phone is the first of its kind: a full-fledged mobile gaming setup that doesn’t compromise on power and performance. In fact, to accommodate peripherals—including an active cooling bracket and a desktop dock—ASUS has squeezed in not one but two USB Type-C ports.

It’s fascinating to see how the ROG Phone works, especially coming off of the Razer Phone’s success, which was embraced I feel like with a lot of trepidation from the community.

Interestingly, the ROG Phone is generally well-liked, with users finding new stuff about the phone.

One such thing is that—in theory—users can plug a two-way USB Type-C on both of the phone’s ports. Even more interesting: the ROG Phone thinks it’s charging itself in spite of the lack of a power source.

Watch the video below:

But is the ROG Phone really self-charging?

The short answer is no. Clearly, you will still have to plug the phone in order to charge it. The phone is simply propping up with a notification that thinks it’s charging the phone.

It’s a silly little bug that ASUS is bound to fix sooner rather than later, but a bug that’s fun to see nonetheless.