Android Q Preview: Dark mode, app permissions, and more new features

hile Android Pie slowly trickles to last year's smartphones, XDA Developers have snagged a full-sized preview of the forthcoming Android Q release.
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Android Queso? Android Quirks?

While Android Pie slowly trickles to last year’s smartphones, XDA Developers have snagged a full-sized preview of the forthcoming Android Q release.

On this article, we’re breaking down all the upcoming features from the newest Android version.

Dark mode (literally) for days

Android Q will reportedly embrace an optional “dark mode” both in its UI and applications. The implementation is expected to be between the options of automatically going to dark mode at a specific time of day, or having an always-on system-wide dark mode, going as far as enabling an “override force-dark” option.

App permissions are revamped

The upcoming major Android update continues to lessen our interaction with notifications, giving users the freedom to restrict notifications to appear only when certain apps are live.

Auto-hiding messages

A sweet little addition to Android’s features is the option to turn on a feature that automatically hides messages after a certain period of time. The feature lets you choose “how much time you want to read and take action on messages that automatically go away.”

More features

XDA’s exclusive reports even more features will come with Android Q. Here’s a quick list.

  • There is a new “sensors off” Quick Settings tile that seems to disable all radios and turn on airplane mode. It might be set up to do more in the future, but that’s what I’ve found so far. It’s possible that this will be a tin foil hat mode to disable all sensors on the device that can’t normally be turned off (accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.)
  • The screen lock setting has two new options: “SmartLock only extends unlock” and “Lock screen when trust is lost.” The former lets a trusted device keep your smartphone awake for longer, but doesn’t allow it to unlock the device once it has been locked. The latter option will lock the smartphone when the last trusted device is no longer trusted.
  • The built-in files app now lets you filter by images, documents, audio, video, etc. when browsing directories.
  • The app installation dialog is no longer full-screen. Instead, it’s a pop-up like on tablets.