Where to find online jobs and freelance gigs in the Philippines

9 sites where you can apply to online jobs in the Philippines

There are a lot of online jobs in the Philippines. Labor here is significantly cheaper than it is Stateside, which makes our country the go-to destination for skilled but highly affordable work-from-home, remote workforce. Conversely, there are plenty of advantages to working remotely in the Philippines, chiefly the freedom to work from anywhere and the above-average paygrade.

On this post, we’re listing down nine of the absolute best sites where people can apply to online jobs and freelance gigs in the Philippines. Regardless if you’re doing looking for part-time or full-time work, the sites on this list will likely spring up great and lucrative opportunities for you.

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9-to-5 Online Jobs

Need a new job? Want to break away from the traditional corporate setting? These sites bring job listings in front of you based on your location. What’s more, there are plenty of remote working opportunities too, if you prefer working at home or anywhere with an internet connection.


9 Sites Where You Can Apply to Online Jobs in the Philippines

Kalibrr is a job boards site offering a vast variety of jobs and freelance opportunities, many of which are remote. The site’s goal is to streamline the hiring process; they do so by giving both employers and applicants useful features that are baked into the system’s UI, making it really easy to navigate and use.

Job Street

9 Sites Where You Can Apply to Online Jobs in the Philippines

Job Street is a mainstay in the minds of Filipino job seekers. Since its inception in Malaysia in 1997, Job Street has been providing people looking for a job and companies looking to hire professionals a rendezvous point at which they meet. Last I checked, there are plenty of remote opportunities to be filled.


9 Sites Where You Can Apply to Online Jobs in the Philippines

Indeed made an indelible mark internationally by honing in a straightforward and streamlined hiring process. Dubbed as the world’s #1 job site (according to .comScore), Indeed allows its users to post a resume (with work profiles) and job listings, making it a flexible and intuitive tool for both employees and employers. As with the above examples, the site is chock-full of remote opportunities.

Freelance Gigs

If you want to make the switch from the 9-to-5 grind to a more flexible work setup, freelancing might be something you’d want to consider. There are, of course, perils to freelancing, chiefly the loss of security that many traditional work engagements offer. Below are sites that house some great freelance opportunities and ideal freelance clients.


9 Sites Where You Can Apply to Online Jobs in the Philippines

Upwork is a merger between two of the best freelance marketplaces online, oDesk and Elance. The site, revamped with a great host of features, is now home to some great freelance opportunities open to even beginning professionals. Competition, however, is stiff, so proceed with a thick skin and a whole lot of patience before landing your first job.

People Per Hour

9 Sites Where You Can Apply to Online Jobs in the Philippines

People Per Hour is in a unique position in that it thrives in helping freelancers “sell” their “hourlies”—services that freelancers offer on a per-hour basis, hence the site’s name. This is great for one-off, quick tasks that take only a few hours to accomplish.


9 Sites Where You Can Apply to Online Jobs in the Philippines

Freelancer is very similar to Upwork. Its only edge is that there is an actual team who take care of local freelancers, so support and community is always within reach. What’s more, Freelancer’s fee structure is easier to understand and generally a lot lower (for those just starting out).

Everything Else in Between

Maybe you don’t want to leave your job just yet? You want to build a side hustle, and take things from there. No worries, the sites that follow help you get access to some side-projects, with the likely potential of growing into full-time engagements should you want to.


9 Sites Where You Can Apply to Online Jobs in the Philippines

LinkedIn. If you don’t have one, you should get one. It’s the Facebook for online professionals. And interacting on LinkedIn is today’s equivalent to networking at conferences. Want to write for a site you’re passionate about? Connect with the site’s editor and s/he’ll just take you up on offer. The limit is virtually nonexistent, making LinkedIn one of the best sources of work, side hustle or otherwise, today.

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9 Sites Where You Can Apply to Online Jobs in the Philippines

Fiverr thrives on small tasks. If you have a particular skill you want to showcase, you can sell it on Fiverr (for as low as $5). Such examples include cropping out subjects in Photoshop, making title animations on After Effects, or doing a small volume of data entry. The list goes endless, but they never amount to work that will take over your workday unless you want it to.


9 Sites Where You Can Apply to Online Jobs in the Philippines

Craigslist has everything. And you can bet side-hustle opportunities are here too. The best vertical, at least for me, is under “Jobs”, in the “writing/editing” category. That nook of this website has landed me some sweet remote, part-time opportunities in the past.

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