Globe makes volunteerism a cool activity for friends and family to try.

The premise of Globe’s new project is simple: to gamify volunteerism. To this end, the telco giant built Time Please, a new platform that makes giving back a fun and cool activity among friends and family.

The first of its kind in the Philippines, Time Please debuted last month alongside Disney Life’s announcement in the Philippines. A snapshot from the event.

Time Please: Globe’s new project is all about giving back

Mahesh Samat, EVP & Managing Director The Walt Disney Company South Asia and Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO together with Micky and Minnie Mouse

Here’s a lowdown of what Time Please is all about.

What is Time Please?

In part of Globe’s “pay it forward” thrust, Time Please is built to promote volunteerism. It is, quintessentially, using the internet for good. The platform, which was announced last May 25, encourages users to engage in volunteer activities to help Filipinos in need. Users can create their own volunteering campaigns or join existing ones.

The platform incentivizes its users through points and badges, which have corresponding rewards and prizes. Here are examples of campaigns users may join in.

Time Please: Globe’s new project is all about giving back

Screenshot of Time Please’s website.

If you have a specific cause in mind, you can create your own volunteering campaign and build a team to work on it with you. Read a quick, comprehensive guide I’ve written for Typist: Tech.

Note that Time Please enforces a few rules and imposes guidelines to make the process more streamlined and organized. Time Please will also not shoulder your campaign’s expenses. However, Time Please, as we’re told, is happy to give you help in getting the word out for your program.

Time Please runs from May 25 to August 19, 2018. Interested parties (of at least two people) can take the new platform for a spin at For more info about Time Please, read the FAQs.

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