How to buy and redeem Netflix Gift Cards

How to buy and redeem Netflix Gift Cards

Buying or redeeming a Netflix gift card is a fairly straightforward process. It works like other gift cards: you get a unique code, you key it in on your Netflix account, et voila, you’re all set to start binge-watching!

That being said, some users still need help. So, in today’s guide, we’re breaking down how to buy Netflix gift cards and redeem them from your account.

Why Netflix gift cards are great

Before we get down and dirty, we should first talk about why you would want to get a Netflix gift card in the first place.

The most obvious answer is to give a Netflix subscription to someone as a gift. With its vast library of movies and TV series, Netflix is an ideal gift for your loved ones, be they a part of your family or a friend.

Getting a gift card is also great for people who just want to try out the service for a set period of time and avoid the risk of paying for the service when they’re no longer watching a lot of stuff on Netflix.

Where to buy Netflix gift cards

Netflix cards are available virtually everywhere. You can buy Netflix gift cards on Amazon, Lazada, your local malls, and more. That includes popular e-commerce stores, groceries like Krogers, and convenience stores like 7-11.

In the Philippines, you can conveniently purchase Netflix gift cards through a service called Codashop. You can buy yours through this link.

How to redeem your Netflix gift card

Redeeming your Netflix card is easy. Follow the steps detailed below.

First, make sure you’re signed in to your account. Once you’re in, locate the unique 11-digit code on your card. This will vary depending on where you’ll be able to find it.

Go to or and key in your code.

Follow the subsequent steps, and you’re all set!

Netflix has produced a 90-second explainer showing you the exact process. Watch the full video here:

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