Is Microsoft acquiring freelancing network Upwork?

Is Microsoft acquiring freelancing network Upwork?
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Rumor has it: Microsoft has its eyes locked on the network.

Following its lucrative acquisition of LinkedIn, Microsoft is rumored to have set its eyes on Upwork, the largest freelancing network on the internet. The rumor comes from the USA Herald.

The move makes sense. LinkedIn, after all, has been hitting major strides on pretty much all fronts, including career development. But the gig economy is a different space altogether, even if LinkedIn itself is an essential tool for freelancers looking to network. It’s a space that’s underserved still; it makes complete sense that Microsoft wants to jump in on that.

And it’s not like that the two haven’t paired up previously: Upwork is an official partner to Microsoft’s 365 freelance toolkit, an initiative which provides enterprises with an integrated workforce collaboration solution that enables them to work with freelancers at scale and is powered by Microsoft 365.

Big picture: Microsoft is on track to becoming a beast as a full-stack service enterprise for business.

If the company ends up acquiring Upwork, it can enable the network to grow at a bigger scale and at a much faster pace and finally solve basic issues like putting real, paying clients in front of freelancers, and vice versa.

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