How to change your Steam profile background

How to change your Steam profile background

In case you didn’t know, you can customize your Steam profile background. Your profile background is only one of many customizable items on Steam. You can also change your avatar frames, mini backgrounds, profile showcases, and more!

If you’re tired of your profile looking drab, we’ve written this guide to show you how to change your Steam profile background.

But first, a bit about the Steam Points Shop. What is it?

What is the Steam Points Shop?

The Steam Points Shop is a marketplace of customizations you can add to your Steam profile. This includes the aforementioned items, including profile backgrounds.

This is where you will purchase your profile backgrounds. You get 100 Steam points for every dollar you spend. In my case, I get 100 points for every PHP 50 I spend on Steam games.

How to change your Steam profile background

We’ll walk you through how to customize your Steam profile below!

Changing your Steam profile background

Changing your Steam background is actually pretty easy. But don’t fret if you find that you don’t have any other background apart from the default one that Steam has.

First, go to your Profile. Just click on your Avatar, then on the dropdown menu, click View my Profile.

On your Profile page, find the Edit Profile button.

Next, go to the Steam Points Shop. The button is located on the left side of your Profile page:

How to change your Steam profile background

Once you’re in, navigate to the Profile Backgrounds tab, and find the one you want to purchase. For this guide, I’m going with this retro-inspired background.

How to change your Steam profile background
How to change your Steam profile background

Select it, purchase, and Equip. After that, you’d have changed your Steam profile background—hooray!

Now your Steam profile background looks ~ f i r e 🔥 ~

Have fun on Steam!

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