R.I.P. Mixer, the live streaming platform with lofty ambitions

Creators are urged to move to...Facebook Gaming?

R.I.P. Mixer, the live streaming platform with lofty ambitions

Mixer is shutting down its live streaming platform.

After making noise with its exclusive deals with popular streamers like Ninja and Shroud, Mixer is putting in the towel in what seemed to be a compelling battle with other platforms, primarily Twitch. Its lights turn off July 22nd, exactly one month into its announcement.

Interestingly, Mixer is pushing its creators to jump into Facebook Gaming. They offer a “seamless” transition to its creators, including partner verified ones. As for the big dogs, Facebook Gaming head, Vivek Sharma, says that “it’s up to them” – a definite win for folks like Ninja, whose exclusivity contract reportedly amounted to $20 – $30 million.

R.I.P. Mixer, the live streaming platform with lofty ambitions
Tyler “Ninja” Blevins signed with Mixer to exclusively stream on their platform in August 2019.

Over the years, Mixer wasn’t able to grow to the size it aspired to scale, taking only a small share of the market, despite Microsoft’s deep pockets. It’s hard to point out where things went south, with creators and users even commending the platform’s hard focus on building a great community.

Mixer’s stunted growth is clearly what made Microsoft to pull the plug. Other live streaming platforms grew significantly in just a couple of years, including YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch, even after losing its poster boy streamer, Ninja.

Caught in this all-too-sudden draw, of course, are smaller creators who, unlike Ninja or Shroud, platforms aren’t going to scramble to sign stat. If you follow any small creators on Mixer, now’s the best time to show them some love.