Globe 5G: Globe shows off 5G connectivity with first int'l call

Globe Telecom shows off first international 5G video call

5G connectivity is right around the corner for Filipinos.

A massive flex, Globe last Friday has completed its first international 5G video call in coordination with AIS Thailand.

The telco giant worked with the Thai company to test 5G connectivity. “It went very smoothly,” notes Hui Weng Cheong, President of AIS Thailand. “Superb. My appreciation for the support from the Globe Team.”

The call lasted more than three moments. And according to Globe, there were no lags and glitches. Alan Garchitorena, Globe’s Director for Technology Enablement & Services Planning, also added:

(The 5G video call) is solid proof of Globe’s readiness to roll out mobile 5G in the country. This technology will deliver a new era of digital use for AR, VR, Internet of Things (IoT),  industrial applications and much more in the Philippines.

Globe is looking to launch it’s 5G “fixed access” in key CBDs (central business districts) within the year, starting on June 2020.