Create your own custom emoji using this free Emoji Maker

Also, we may have just found our new mascot.

If you’ve been wanting to create your own emoji, here’s your chance. There’s a free emoji maker that lets you concoct the most ridiculous emoji Frankensteins you can ever think of.

Developed by Jamstack Studio, a team of React developers, this free tool is simple and bare. It lets you customize four different components: base, eyes, mouth, and accessories. You even get a “randomize” button, which can come up with some awesome combinations but also absolute monstrosities.

In our own time trying it, we settled on this robot emoji, whose backstory it was that it became sentient and fell in love with a woman from Kentucky.

Check him out:

Sadly, you can’t use your emoji creations on an actual keyboard. However, you can absolutely save your custom emojis as an image and use them as stickers on your messaging platforms of choice (we recommend Telegram!).