World War Z unveils co-op zombie shooter game, available worldwide

World War Z Game: Co-op zombie shooter unveiled
Screenshot from the game, "World War Z"
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Is this the unofficial Left 4 Dead sequel we deserve?

O.K., maybe not. The World War Z game is (loosely) based on Max Brooks’ bestselling book of the same name. But hot-dang does this game take me back to the highs of Valve’s first two zombie thrill-rides.

Everything seems to be in their perfect place: a quartet of no-nonsense zombie-killing machines who you play is in the game’s undead-infested world. The gameplay puts a huge emphasis on co-op and teamwork, which is where all the Left 4 Dead games comparisons are drawn from.

World War Z Game: Co-op zombie shooter unveiled World War Z Game: Co-op zombie shooter unveiled

As for the action, there’s plenty to go around. This is good because a lot of the book’s fans wanted more of it and less of the existential dread present in the Brad Pitt-led movie adaptation from 2013.

We’re told of what the developers call Swarm Engine, which basically shows a beautifully rendered visual of hordes of zombies, as they get mangled, burned, and dismembered. Needless to say, the game isn’t pulling any punches in the gore department.

There are a variety of game modes to choose from and there seems to be a good story campaign put in place. There’s also a nice lineup of locations, including Tokyo, New York, Jerusalem, and Moscow.

World War Z Game: Co-op zombie shooter unveiled

The World War Z game has launched worldwide today. The game runs on the PS4, XBOX One, and PC. There are already talks of porting the game to the Nintendo Switch, but as of press time, these are all pretty much in their infantile stages.

For our friends here in the Philippines, you can get the game on Data Blitz and i.Tech Philippines (Game One) for PHP 1,995.