Sans from Undertale is coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sans in Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Mii Fighter skin, remix
Sans in Smash Bros. Ultimate // Nintendo
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But not in the way you expect.

Undertale fans have reason to celebrate (half-celebrate?) about the latest DLC drop for Smash Bros. Ultimate. Our friendly neighborhood 8-bit dimpled-skeleton Sans is coming to everyone’s favorite Royal Rumble of gaming IPs.

Nintendo did it. The announcement came from Nintendo Direct 2019. Sans, who appears as a major character in Toby Fox’s 8-bit RPG, Undertale, is joining the ever-expanding cast of Nintendo’s staple fighting game.

However, much to the dismay of some fans, Sans’ appearance proves to be less favored. You see, he’s technically playable in the game but not as his own character. Instead, players will get to play Sans as a Mii Fighter skin or costume.

Sans in Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Mii Fighter skin, remix

That is obviously a bummer, but the fact that Undertale—which, for the longest time wasn’t available on the Switch—is finally in Smash points to how Nintendo is starting to listen to its community. It’s not the most ideal scenario, but skin-Sans is better than no-Sans. We’ll take this as a win.

Also, let’s not forget San is getting his own remix track.

Alongside Sans, there are even more Mii Fighter costumes announced: Goemon (from Mystical Ninja); Proto-Man (from Mega Man); Zero (from Mega Man X); and Team Rocket Grunts (from Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee).

Here’s a look at all Mii Fighter costumes.

Sans in Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Mii Fighter skin, remix

The new DLC drops are available for purchase at $0.75 apiece. There’s no word if they will be sold as a pack as of now, and they are not included in the Ultimate Fighters Pass.

In addition to these skins, Nintendo also announced Banjo-Kazooie (from the Banjo-Kazooie games) and Terry Bogard (from Fatal Fury) as the third and fourth DLC fighters to become available in Smash very soon.