"Pokémon: Let's Go" games might require Nintendo Switch Online

Pokémon: Let’s Go games will require Nintendo Switch Online

The new Pokémon games will cost you a little extra.

Excited for the new Pokémon games? We are too, all things considered.

I personally feel these have the hallmarks of a great Pokémon game, but that comes with a lot of caveats. And here’s one more: the new games—“Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!” and “Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee”—will require Nintendo Switch Online to access key features like online battling and trading.

The Pokémon Company told Eurogamer.net that Nintendo’s first subscription service, set to debut sometime in September this year,  will play a crucial part in the two games’ gameplay. Through the service, players will be able to battle or trade online. Further, other online, rather staple functionalities GTS, Wonder Trade, or Battle Spot (Rating Battle, Free Battle, and Online Competition, etc.) will be missed in both games. “An active membership for the Nintendo Switch Online service, which is scheduled to begin in September of this year, will be required to access these features,” a Pokémon Company spokesperson added.

The Nintendo Switch Online service costs USD 20 (~ Php 1,000+) per player or USD 30 (~ Php 1,800+) per family for 12 months. Subscribers get online functionalities, save backups, and a whole library of NES games to play.

The streamlined online functions are an odd choice, at least to me, but I’m intrigued as to where this goes. We’ll update you when we know more.