RUMOR: Nintendo to Release Two New Switch Consoles

Nintendo might release two new Switch consoles this year

The new variants will be aimed at serious and casual gamers, respectively.

According to a recent news report in WSJ, Nintendo is planning to launch two new Switch models as early as summertime this year.

The story, which is pay-walled (though transcribed by industrious Redditors, here), notes that a new, more expensive variant, with enhanced features “targeted to avid videogamers”, is already in the works. It will be sold alongside a cheaper variant, which is obviously aimed at more casual players.

The rationale behind Nintendo’s move isn’t new to consoles. Both Microsoft and Sony have pulled their fair share of stunts to get as many hands on their consoles as possible. For instance, the PlayStation 4 has a more robust big brother called the PS4 Pro. While the higher-end isn’t promised to compete head-to-head to, say, the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X.

The cheaper variant, meanwhile, is said to drop functions already available to the standard Switch. These include vibration features, among others.

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“The company judged the new Switch models won’t need the vibration feature because there wouldn’t be many games released using the full benefit of it,” notes WSJ’s source.

The story’s sources also claim that we won’t have to wait all that long, should all this be true. The new variants are said to be announced sometime in June, to be followed by an official release sometime during the summer (September-ish).

What do you guys think?