Every PS4 game and DLCs Sony announced at this year’s State of Play event

A brand-new BioShock game is in the works too.

New PS4 Games: 2020 State of Play announcements
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Sony’s 2020 State of Play wrapped today, and it left us with a whole smorgasbord of games to gobble over the next few months. There are the staple games, like the long-rumored Resident Evil 3 remake and the new Kingdom Hearts III DLC drop called “Re:Mind”. And there are fresh titles, too, like Dreams, which is an interactive game a la Super Mario Maker.

We’ve gathered info on each PS4 game or DLC announced at this year’s State of Play event. Read on.

Resident Evil 3

After numerous promo teases and leaks, Sony confirms that the Resident Evil 3 remake is on its way. Following the success of this year’s Resident Evil 2, the game comes with remastered graphics, a new coop game mode, and a revamped storyline.

The game drops April 3, 2020.

Untitled Goose Game

This indie darling previously only available on the Switch comes to the PS4 on December 17, 2019.

Kingdom Hearts III: Re-Mind

The long-awaited DLC drop has Disney characters meet JRPG characters. It drops on January 23, 2020. Sony released a teaser for it, too, which you can watch below.


Looking for an ultra-customizable adventure game that gives Super Mario Maker a run for its money? Dreams, a much-awaited title known for its impressive beta, is making its way to the PS4 on Valentine’s Day, next year.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Based on the Predator movies, the new game, Predator: Hunting Grounds, is taking after the success of Dead by Daylight and brings us an asymmetrical multiplayer shooting game where you can play as the eponymous alien or its unsuspecting prey.

The new game drops April 24, 2020.


Spellbreak is a new battle royale game that focuses on slaying your enemies using spells. It’s coming to PS4 sometime in 2020. But you can already sign up for the closed beta over at playspellbreak.com.

Babylon’s Fall

Few things are known about this gorgeous-looking game from Square Enix and Platinum Games. There’s not even a release date yet. But if it’s anything taking after the trailer that dropped, it might just be worth the wait.


A fun-looking puzzle game touted to have challenged physics with ever-shifting perspectives, Superliminal is a title to watch out for. It drops April 2020.

Paper Beast

This brand-new VR game is set against gorgeous backdrops with pretty origami creatures as characters. It makes its way to the PS4 in 2020 Q1.

Ghosts of Tsushima

An open-world samurai action game, Ghosts of Tsushima takes after its enigmatic characters. With few details announced about the game, players are on their toes about what it can become. Sony promises more info on December 12th as the game makes its appearance at The Game Awards 2019.

New PS4 Games: 2020 State of Play announcements

Upcoming BioShock Game

A nice cherry-on-top after the above game announcement is the news drop that 2K Games is working on a brand-new BioShock game. The new game will be the fourth in the widely popular and critically acclaimed franchise.