Mixer vs. Twitch: Which streaming platform is better?

Mixer vs. Twitch: Which streaming platform is better?
Mixer vs. Switch: Which is better for streamers? // Tech Rejects
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Want to start streaming? Choose between these two behemoths.

If you’re looking to start streaming, you have a ton of options. As of press time, the biggest players are between Twitch and Mixer.

Sure, Facebook and YouTube offer live streams too. But if you’re in it to stream sweet and spicy gameplays, your tribe are split between the two platforms. That is made even clearer when Ninja—then-biggest streamer on Twitch—jumped ship and began streaming exclusively on Mixer.

In this head-to-head battle between Mixer vs. Twitch, we are breaking down what makes one platform better than the other. We will go over features, user experience, income potential (for streamers looking to do this full-time), and heaps more.

Mixer and Twitch: What is the difference?

Mixer, f.k.a. “Beam” up until May 2017, is a streaming platform owned by Microsoft. Meanwhile, Twitch is owned by Amazon. Both platforms were not built by either corporation; they were bought.

The biggest difference between Mixer and Twitch is audience size, with the latter scraping roughly 70+% of streaming viewers. That number is threatened to change, however. With Ninja moving to Mixer, we all can expect a surge to its viewership.

Apart from this, Mixer and Twitch function in pretty much the same way.

Mixer vs. Twitch: Which has better features for new streamers?

Both Mixer and Twitch offer features made for streamers. However, what makes each one different is with how they approach things for their users.

For instance, Mixer seems honed in on flourishing a community of growing streamers. Twitch, meanwhile, has the privilege of scaling new terrain, including support for on-demand content for its creators.

We have made a quick primer for why you would want to stream with each platform.

Mixer vs. Twitch: Which streaming platform is better?
Mixer has a lot of features that make streaming more interactive // Mixer

Why you should stream on Mixer

Mixer boasts plenty of features that Twitch have yet to adapt. Much of these can be deemed incremental, but in the long run, boosts the quality of life both for streamers and viewers alike.

Here are some reasons why you should stream on Mixer.

  • It is more interactive – Mixer streams used to be (wrongly) looked at as lesser Twitch streams. Now with features that make streams interactive and fun (co-streaming, FTL protocol, MixPlay and more), Mixer offers best-in-class streaming your viewers can enjoy.
  • It has better discoverability features – A big complaint about Twitch is that they seem to favor larger creators than small and medium-sized ones. Mixer does the opposite and gives smaller creators plenty of opportunities to get discovered. HypeZone is one such feature, which regularly features creators who are streaming “down to the wire action”.
  • It cultivates a friendly and toxic-free community – Mixer’s community is just as commendable as its technical features. They take pride in keeping said community very friendly and respectful.
Mixer vs. Twitch: Which streaming platform is better?
Twitch has been accused of favoring bigger channels // Twitch

Why you should stream on Twitch

Twitch has been the go-to streaming platform for many. As of writing this guide, that seems to be true still. However, with Twitch influencers like Ninja inadvertently jumping ship, it appears there is a good possibility that that might change. That being said, Twitch is the viable streaming platform for now.

Here are some reasons why you should stream on Twitch.

  • It has (way) more viewers than Mixer – As aforementioned, Twitch simply has more viewers than Mixer. This is especially true if you’re in the gaming niche. Twitch is kind of a staple and an institution.
  • It has better content creation tools – Twitch provides its creators with a whole host of content creation tools. These tools make for better quality streams.
  • It has a straightforward affiliate program – When you get your viewers to purchase subscriptions through your streams, you get commissions. This also applies to Bits and Game sales.

A word to the wise if you’re considering Twitch. There have been a lot of complaints from small creators saying that the platform itself is rigged to favor bigger creators. Remember the 70+% streaming audience we mentioned earlier? Only the top 5,000 streamers on Twitch get to enjoy that, apparently.

What’s a small and new streamer to do? If you really want to hop on Twitch (and we don’t blame you, they’re great all things considered!), we highly suggest building your following from outside of the platform. That means creating content for YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.

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Mixer vs. Twitch: Where does success lie?

Which streaming platform should you go with if you’re just starting out? The short non-answer to that is…


You see, success is not at all platform-specific. The same rules apply to Mixer and Twitch. If you don’t have the gusto to keep your audience engaged and watching, you’ll probably fail regardless of where you’re streaming.

Our two cents? Pick whichever one has the tribe you feel that you better mesh with. Or even better, try streaming on both. See which one does better for your streams, and stick with it.

Best of luck!