Latest Pokémon GO News: PVP Trainer Battles are Coming!

pokemon go pvp trainer battles
pokemon go pvp trainer battles

Latest Pokémon GO News: Niantic has been listening closely to its community of Pokémon GO trainers. Earlier this year, Niantic has introduced trading within the game, giving players a faster way of completing their Pokédex by trading Pokémon with fellow trainers. Now, another requested feature is coming to the game – PVP Trainer battles!

In a series of tweets and Facebook posts, Niantic has teased that PVP trainer battles are finally coming to Pokémon GO. See the tweets below:

Pokémon GO PVP Trainer Battles

Anne Beuttenmüller, Niantic’s head of product marketing in the EMEA region, has actually revealed a few months ago that their team is working on a player-versus-player mode, and are planning to release it at “the end of this year”. It appears that Niantic will be staying true to its word, and if all goes well, we may already be having trainer battles within December 2018.

Not much has been revealed yet about how Pokémon GO PVP trainer battles would work, but based on the visuals shown on the tweets, it may be similar to the gameplay of classic Pokémon games. With Pokémon GO’s integration with Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, it wouldn’t be surprising if PVP trainer battles would be similar as well.

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