The top 5 best emulators for Gameboy Advance

LIST: 5 Best Emulators for Gameboy Advance

If you’re looking for emulators for Gameboy Advance, it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole of searching which one is the best. That’s frustrating because sometimes you just want to get started right away.

This article hopes to help take you to the best emulator and weed out the rest.

Ready? Let’s get you catching Pokémon in Fire Red and blasting alien lifeforms in Metroid Fusion!

Best emulator for Gameboy (PC): Visual Boy Advance

The overall best Gameboy Advance emulator, Visual Boy Advance gets you up and running right away. No frills, just a great free emulator that can run your favorite GBA and GB games.

It is available for PCs, which means you might need to have the latest version of DirectX installed. It’s also available in Linux and Mac.

Best emulator for Gameboy (iOS): GBA4iOS

iPhone users have sadly limited options when it comes to emulators. If you’re looking for a reliable solution, you’re kind of stuck with GBA4iOS.

The official version only supports devices with iOS 8 and earlier, but BuildStore has continued it as part of their premium subscription. GBA4iOS works with the most recent iPhones and also features linking via Wi-Fi.

Best emulator for Gameboy (Android): Pizza Boy

Pizza Boy is the best Gameboy emulator for Android phones. Thanks to performance tweaks, elegant UI skins, and an overall pleasant experience, it’s hard not to recommend this as a best-in-class emulator.

What’s more, the app doesn’t have any ads and can run 60fps even on older Android devices. Go check it out on the Play Store below.

Best emulator for Gameboy (Mac): mGBA

Mac users have plenty of options when it comes to Gameboy emulators. But the best (so far) has got to be mGBA. It has a great look and reliable performance. Plus, the devs are actively working on it, which is always a plus!

Best emulator for Gameboy (Cross-Platform): RetroArch

Want to run Gameboy games on multiple platforms? RetroArch is your best option!

In fact, it’s so widely available that it’s not only available in the aforementioned platforms. It’s available basically everywhere! It’s got all the staple features you’re looking for and run cross-platform. What else does one need from a Gameboy emulator?

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