Dauntless Reviews: F2P Monster Hunter on Switch

Dauntless is a worthy F2P alternative to Monster Hunter on the Switch, according to reviews

The free-to-play RPG is now available to play.

Epic Games’ well-received hunting RPG, Dauntless, has dropped on Nintendo Switch last week. The reviews, per usual, dropped shortly thereafter—and they all seem happy with it.

For the most part.

Madeline Ricchiuto from Bleeding Cool says that “the build was playable, stable, and looked pretty damn good all things considered.” When games are ported to the Switch, one of the main advantages is the ability for the player to bring it with them anywhere. The drawback, of course, is that there are graphical limitations, due to the Switch’s hardware.

The same is true for Dauntless, however, Ricchiuto notes that “the art style of Dauntless makes those limitations easier to stomach than some other games which become a bit blurry with the lesser GPU capabilities.”

The game is developed by Phoenix Labs and distributed by Epic Games, the same studio behind top-tier successes like Fortnite. Don’t let that fact deter you from playing, though. Dauntless the Switch port is available on the Nintendo eStore.

SwitchForce published an overview of the game, with some gameplay footage for you to go through:

Essentially, they echo the same stuff, calling the game “super fun” and commending the studio’s port-work.

However, this Reddit thread seems to tell differently: “FPS would always drop in the town,” writes user zeWoah. “Right after coming back from a mission. I could run all the way to the blacksmith before it stabilized. There would always be a big FPS skip taking 1-5 steps after first landing into a hunt but after that, gameplay during hunts was smooth.”

Dauntless offers a free DLC pack to Switch users. All content available to other platforms is available to Switch as well, including Crossplay and the new Escalation game mode.

Watch the full trailer for Dauntless below: