CrimeSight is Konami’s new twisty J-mystery social deduction game

CrimeSight is Konami's new twisty J-mystery social deduction game

Konami has finally taken the wraps off of CrimeSight, a brand-new social deduction-cum-tabletop strategy game in the vein of Among Us and First Class Trouble.

Much like the said games, CrimeSight‘s objective is to determine who among them is the killer. To keep things spicy though, the game is set decades into a virtually crime-less future where an AI called Sherlock detects another AI called Moriarty to be the catalyst for a string of murders that somehow threaten the entire planet.

Players get divided into two sides, one siding with the perpetrator and the other with the rest of the characters. Both sides’ objective is obviously to best one another, exactly like in Among Us.

Making the game stand out more is the J-horror/J-mystery aesthetic, which harkens to a lot of Konami’s games like Silent Hill and even anime mysteries like Detective Conan.

Check out the CrimeSight trailer below. No official release date yet, but a closed beta is now up until July 11.

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