Brawlhalla First-Look: A worthy (and free) alternative to Super Smash Bros?

Brawlhalla First-Look: A worthy (and free) alternative to Super Smash Bros?

The popular fighter game in PS4 is now available on Nintendo Switch and XBOX One.

For a good whole year, Ubisoft’s “Brawlhalla” has scratched the PS4 players’ itch for “Super Smash Bros”. Obviously, the latter game is a Nintendo-exclusive, so users weren’t able to play it unless they used a Nintendo console.

But over the years, “Brawlhalla” sprawled into a game of its own. Though still tethered to the platform-fighter hybrid dynamic of Nintendo’s flagship game, “Brawlhalla” proves to be just as exciting, straightforward, and surprisingly complex. Now, the game is coming over to the Switch and XBOX One. It will be interesting to see how it performs once the forthcoming “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” comes to the console.

Check out the trailer:

The gameplay, as you’d expect, looks a lot like that of its inspiration. But there are key differences. “Brawlhalla”, for instance, uses 2D graphics and a character design that can be described as more “cartoonish” and “flat” than SSB’s 3D, more expensive looking aesthetic.

There are more than 40 characters in total, with the addition of characters from another popular Ubisoft title, “Rayman & Friends”. With this welcome addition comes with a new game mode called “Kung Foot”, which is basically soccer with a fighting element to it.

Here’s a quick look at the “Rayman” characters:

A lot of reviews and gameplay videos point to the plus that is keeping the controls pretty much as straightforward as they can. Where “Brawlhalla” makes the gameplay deeper and more complex are with the weapon drops, which can tip the game over to one side and then the other.

As for quirks, there is about a handful. There are a number of gorgeous-looking arenas, including a neon-lit signage one and another that’s Jurassic-themed that features a friggin’ T-Rex.

Brawlhalla First-Look: A worthy (and free) alternative to Super Smash Bros?

Though it feels a hell of a lot cheaper than its game inspiration, “Brawlhalla” from the outside looks complete: it offers online and local battle, it’s free-to-play, but not pay-to-win, and there’s an exponentially growing community of players who studiously look at the right combos and strategies to win the game.

“Brawlhalla” is impressive, and I’m excited to spend some hours on it and give you a proper, full-length game review.

With that said, I’ll close this one out and leave you with some first-look images and screenshots.