High-octane top-down co-op game from the makers of “Clash Royale”.

Few mobile game developers leave a mark to gamers as indelible as that of Supercell, the Finnish game studio behind such titles as “Hay Day”, “Clash of Clans”, and “Clash Royale”.

Now with a brand-spanking-new MMO action-shooter title called “Brawl Stars”, the company is debuting a culmination of everything good about their previous releases.


Brawl Stars: Download Supercell's new shootout mobile gameThe game’s objective is simple. The “battlefield” board has a gem-spewing hole as its center. Brawlers are to wrangle with each other for the gems, which can be dropped when a brawler’s life goes to 0. This speaks to the ease with which the tides can turn in a single match. All a player has to do is to target brawlers who carry gems, collect their droppings, and repeat.

“Brawl Stars” first debuted in select countries in 2017, Brawl Stars is Braincell’s latest (and greatest) mobile game. With its global release, it’d be surprising not to see it in mobile esports events.

Watch the trailer for “Brawl Stars” below.