Articuno Is Coming to Pokémon GO Field Research Tasks this June!

Articuno Field Research pokemon go
Image credits: Pokémon Go Hub

Following Moltres’ and Zapdos’ availabilities in Field Research Tasks in the previous months, it’s no surprise that the next Legendary Pokémon to appear is the Ice-Flying type Articuno.

Starting June 1 at 1:00PM PTA, new research tasks focusing on water and ice type Pokémon such as Seel, Kingler, and Horsea will become available. When you earn enough stamps for a Research Breakthrough, you get the chance to catch Articuno.

Articuno first appeared in Pokémon GO as the second official Legendary release at the Pokémon GO Fest last year. Articuno was unlocked as a Raid Boss, with Team Mystic having the most participants in the said event.

If you’re looking to building your Ice-type army, Articuno would be the best addition given that aren’t a lot of ice types like Lapras and Jynks in the game.

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