Cable Services vs. IPTV: A comprehensive mini-guide

Cable Services vs. IPTV: A comprehensive mini-guide

The internet is the new TV. Literally.

The battle of old versus new is always known to be the most interesting one, whether it be in any field. Although, when it comes to technology, there is often no need to battle as most of us would always prefer what’s new in the technological industry.

However, there might be some cases when you still have to compare and contrast what’s latest and what you have been comfortably using since years.

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Similarly, when it comes to IPTV, some cable TV users would still prefer sticking to their old ways of entertainment, while others may quickly upgrade their devices without even stopping to think twice.

So, we are here to examine thoroughly the pros and cons of both, cable TV and IPTV.

What are Cable services

Starting with what’s been there since years, Cable TV uses the years old technology of DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) to provide you with numerous channels from all around the world. Although cable TV is usually a one-way service, people have recently started using Set Top Boxes so they would only have to pay for the channels they watch.

Cable Services vs. IPTV: A comprehensive mini-guide
Cable services have always been the go-to entertainment service for many. However, market shifts point us to a better, far greener pastures.

Moreover, as a result of the increased bandwidth of cables, video resolution, as well as general quality, has improved over the years. Also, cable TVs operate at a fairly high speed, so there would not be any kind of buffering or interruption during your shows, even if you are watching them live.

Over and above that, cable TVs are easy to operate, which makes them a great choice for those who don’t know much about technology.

What is IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)?

Internet Protocol Television is one of the most talked-about technological trends nowadays. Unlike cable TV, it operates through an internet facility, allowing you to watch your favorite shows and videos when you are on a go. I recommend you to discover more about it. The possibilities are amazing, to say the least.

In addition to this, subscribing to an IPTV service would save you the time it takes to download all those seasons of that famous TV show that you are dreading to watch. In other words, IPTV is a great choice for those who wish to get online streaming of video content on-demand. Plus, it allows you to watch live shows or matches.

Cable Services vs. IPTV: A comprehensive mini-guide
With IPTV, you can go beyond your TV screens. For example, you can download IPTV apps and watch TV on your devices, including gaming consoles like the PS4.

Nevertheless, you might have been previously worrying about the speed or privacy in case you opt for IPTV. Well, these are not problems anymore owing to the numerous amazing VPN services available in the market. VPNs for IPTV are great for users who take matters of privacy and security easily, which means you can stream content of your choice and can keep it private from your internet service provider, as well as safe from hackers.

In Conclusion

All you have to do to become an IPTV user is subscribe to an IPTV service, or install one of those amazing IPTV apps that are available for all sorts of devices.

However, be it IPTV or cable TV, just makes sure you are enjoying every bit of it. Good luck!

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