50 most-followed accounts on Twitter

LIST: 50 accounts on Twitter with most followers

Ever wonder which accounts on Twitter have the most followers? You’d be surprised by the mix of accounts on this list. From celebrities, athletes, past presidents, publications, and apps, we have scoured the internet to find accounts on Twitter with most followers.

But first, some housekeeping:

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media app created by Jack Dorsey. In its current form, it’s used by people from all sorts of backgrounds to engage with their community. A part-social network, part-microblogging platform, Twitter makes it easy for users to share their thoughts in 240-character pieces called “tweets”.

As of press time, Twitter serves more than 191 million users. Twitter accounts with most followers include celebrities, politicians, and news outlets among others.

LIST: 50 accounts on Twitter with the most followers (2021)
LIST: 50 accounts on Twitter with the most followers (2021)

Twitter has been around. It’s an OG social network like Facebook, which is why key figures are still on it. But that’s not all.

The way Twitter works is emboldened by brevity. It’s of-the-moment, internalized, and often less filtered than, say, an Instagram post. There’s a running joke that Twitter is reality where Instagram or Facebook are the expectations.

In addition, lots of cultural moments happen on Twitter. Remember Ellen’s Oscars selfie? Or the creation of the monster that is Drake’s Hotline Bling? Lots of memes become memes because of Twitter, even if they come from different social networks and forums like TikTok or Reddit.

What’s next for Twitter?

The most-followed Twitter accounts are in for a good host of new features in the foreseeable future. For one, Twitter is teasing support for creators in the way of donations and subscriptions. This allows creators, influencers, and the like to monetize their platform on Twitter, in the same way that it’s possible on Twitch and Patreon.

There’s also a hot new feature called Spaces, which is basically a group call with your followers. You host a Space, set a topic, and anyone can participate as a Speaker or as a Listener. It’s the app’s reply to Clubhouse.

LIST: 50 accounts on Twitter with the most followers (2021)
Twitter Spaces

The top 50 accounts on Twitter with the most followers (updated 2021):

The Twitter with most followers as of press time is Barack Obama at 129.5M followers, with Louis Tomlinson taking the 50th spot at 35.7M followers. Here’s the full list of the top 50 most-followed Twitter accounts:

  1. @barackobama
  2. @justinbieber
  3. @katyperry
  4. @rihanna
  5. @Cristiano
  6. @taylorswift13
  7. @ladygaga
  8. @arianagrande
  9. @theellenshow
  10. @youtube
  11. @kimkardashian
  12. @narendramodi
  13. @selenagomez
  14. @jtimberlake
  15. @cnnbrk
  16. @twitter
  17. @elonmusk
  18. @britneyspears
  19. @ddlovato
  20. @billgates
  21. @cnn
  22. @neymarjr
  23. @shakira
  24. @jimmyfallon
  25. @nytimes
  26. @kingjames
  27. @bbcbreaking
  28. @nasa
  29. @mileycyrus
  30. @srbachchan
  31. @jlo
  32. @oprah
  33. @brunomars
  34. @pmoindia
  35. @beingsalmankhan
  36. @imvkohli
  37. @iamsrk
  38. @akshaykumar
  39. @niallofficial
  40. @drake
  41. @kyliejenner
  42. @sportscenter
  43. @realmadrid
  44. @espn
  45. @harry_styles
  46. @fcbarcelona
  47. @kevinhart4real
  48. @wizkhalifa
  49. @bts_twt
  50. @louis_tomlinson
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