Here’s how you can revert to Gmail Classic using Google Chrome

How to revert back to the Gmail Classic Theme using Chrome

A simple, one-step guide to reverting back to classic Gmail.

[dropcap size=big]M[/dropcap]iss the old Gmail? We do, too.

The new redesign, which Google deployed in line with unifying the Material Design language across their apps, is fine in its own. But it’s pretty resource-heavy. We’ve yet to verify, but the new design ironically feels more sluggish. And we dearly miss the performance-focused design of classic Gmail.

As such, we scoured the internet for solutions. And we’ve found a good easy fix.

A preview of the Gmail Classic Theme.

The Google Chrome extension “Gmail Classic Theme”, developed by Andrew Powell, does exactly what I’m looking for, which is to revert Gmail back to its classic design.

“What Google giveth, Google taketh away,” explains Powell in the extension repository. “Google has recently forced a UI update upon the users of Gmail. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks it’s an improvement.”

The extension reverts the UI of Gmail to the previous “Classic” theme using the same CSS Google has used previously for the classic theme.

Take the extension out for a spin by installing it through this link.

In addition to enjoying the potential performance boost, users can also customize the look of their Gmail using Powell’s recommended extension, Stylus. Below are some instructions that Powell shared.

How to revert back to the Gmail Classic Theme using Chrome

Check out some more information about the extension in its Github page.

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