Pokémon GO Community Day Reddit Predictions: After the Dratini Community Day last February, some Pokémon GO players noticed that Niantic seems to be following a pattern in deciding which Pokémon will be featured during the monthly Community Day events. Redditor redrunner89 posted on the subreddit The Silph Road, that if Niantic continues to follow the same pattern for the previous Community Day, you can pretty much predict which Pokémon will be featured every month until July 2019.

Below is the list of Pokémon that are predicted to be featured on Community Day events from July 2018 to July 2019.

Pokémon GO Community Day Reddit Predictions: July 2018 – 2019

  • July 2018: Squirtle
  • August: Ralts
  • September: Chikorita
  • October: Slakoth
  • November: Cyndaquil
  • December: Trapinch
  • January 2019: Totodile
  • February: Bagon
  • March: Treeko
  • April: Beldum
  • May: Torchic
  • June: Gible
  • July: Mudkip

redrunner89’s post comes with an explanation:

“ This pattern is based on a pattern established after the Dratini Community Day of 10k hatched 3 stage Pokemon followed by a starter, in dex order. Gible could be June 2019’s Community Day with this pattern or it could be Shinx depending on whether Shinx hatches from a 10k egg or not. Shinx and Gible are both gen 4 Pokemon that haven’t been introduced into Pokemon Go yet.”

Redditor misterkro also posted on the pokemongo subreddit his own version of the predictions, with the accompanying featured moves:

  • June 2018: Larvitar (Tyranitar/Smack Down)
  • July 2018: Squirtle (Blastoise/Hydro Cannon)
  • August 2018: Ralts (Gardevoir/Moonblast)
  • September 2018: Chikorita (Meganium/Frenzy Plant)
  • October 2018: Slakoth (Slaking/Focus Blast)
  • November 2018: Cyndaquil (Typhlosion/Blast Burn)
  • December 2018: Trapinch (Flygon/Draco Meteor)
  • January 2019: Totodile (Feraligatr/Hydro Cannon)
  • February 2019: Bagon (Salamence/Outrage)
  • March 2019: Treecko (Sceptile/Frenzy Plant)
  • April 2019: Beldum (Metagross/Meteor Mash)
  • May 2019: Torchic (Blaziken/Blast Burn)
  • June 2019: Shinx (Luxray/Wild Charge)
  • July 2019: Mudkip (Swampert/Hydro Cannon)
  • August 2019: Gible (Garchomp/Draco Meteor)

Redrunner and misterkro’s predictions are similar, with the exception of June and August 2019.

What do you think of these predictions? Do you think these are accurate?

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