Newton Mail is back, maybe forever this time

Our fingers are crossed...

Newton Mail is back, maybe forever this time

Newton Mail lives…again.

After a couple of all-around frustration brushes with virtual deaths, Newton Mail, the much-beloved paid email client first shot to popularity in 2017, has returned from the Essential grave. And this time, things are looking bright for the app.

With new founders Maitrik Kataria and Justin Mitchell, Newton Mail seems set on the singular direction of fixing the fundamentals. This includes making the whole app experience better and getting it up with the times (considering Superhuman and Mixmax, they have some strong competition).

There seems to be a strong focus on community and customer service, too, which are both great. The founders lay out the following plan to ensure Newton’s success:

  1. A contingency plan to keep Newton going forever
  2. Building a stable and steady independent business
  3. Add “service” in the SaaS (software as a service) business
  4. Add features that increase the lifetime value
  5. Better security and privacy around your data

As for pricing, Newton is offering three tiers of discounts for past and current Newton users. An affiliate or rewards program of sorts is also in place.

Check out the breakdown below:

Newton Mail is back, maybe forever this time