FYI: You Can’t Take Netflix Screenshots on Android (Hack)

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If you’re thinking of making a meme out of your favorite Netflix show, you’ll just have to get through one major hurdle – you can’t take Netflix screenshots from the app. And so I’ve tried searching “Netflix Screenshot Android” to find out why, and how we can get around it (legally).

Go ahead, try it for yourself. Apparently the Netflix app prevents you not only from taking screenshots of its shows, but also from recording it as well. This feature is understandable, because it would have been incredibly easy to pirate Netflix shows if the app didn’t have these protection measures.

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I tested it out and it appears that the app prevents you from taking screenshots only when you are actually streaming a show. Otherwise, it is possible to take screenshots when browsing through the app. I’ve also tried screen-recording while streaming a show to test if it’s possible. It appeared to work at first, but when you check the actual recording file, you’ll see that it only shows a black screen with the audio. This is true whether you’re using a third-party app to record, or when you’re using your phone’s built-in screen-recording feature.

netflix screenshot android 2
You can take a screenshot when you’re only browsing through the Netflix app.
netflix screenshot android
However, you can’t take a Netflix screenshot when you’re streaming a show or movie. You can see in the image above the notification on a Netflix screenshot Android.
netflix screenshot hack
Screen recording won’t work. You’ll only see black on the screen.

Netflix Screenshot Android

On Android phones, you can browse through tabs when switching apps. I checked if it’s possible to take a Netflix screenshot while switching apps, then maybe just crop it afterwards, as seen on this video. It turns out that Netflix has already seen through this loophole, because it only shows the homepage when you’re not on the actual app.

netflix screenshot
You can’t take Netflix screenshots while switching with other apps either.

Netflix Screenshot Hack

Since it’s virtually impossible to take Netflix screenshots now from your Android or iOS phones, simply take a screenshot through your laptop. Yep, this is still very much do-able as of writing, although I’m not sure how long it’s going to stay this way.

If you’re using a Mac, here’s a “Netflix screenshot hack”: simply hold Command + Shift + 4, after which the cursor will change into a selection tool. Simply drag through the area that you wish to screenshot, then release.

You can however, take screenshots with your Mac with this “Netflix Screenshot Hack”

Do you know any other (legal) methods of taking Netflix screenshots? Let us know in the comments below!

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