Dive even deeper into the Netflix rabbit hole using this nifty website.

Thinking of binge-ing soon? Lean in for a Netflix pro tip.

A website called Netflix-Codes lists the platform’s category codes, some of which may be considered “secret” Netflix pages with how obscure or specific they can get.

Want to binge “European Christmas films for children and the family”? Click here. Want to find “deep see horror movies”? Click here.

The category codes are number combinations that are appended to the site’s URL. In the below example, the “CODE” value represents the category code—for instance, “6548” for Comedies.


Netflix-Codes lists every category and sub-category you can think of. Click here to get the full list.

Netflix Codes: Unlock thousands of secret Netflix content

It’s strange that Netflix doesn’t have a half-decent solution for getting to some of the categories Netflix-Codes is able to uncover. Especially thinking about the work they’ve put into categorization, to begin with.

Take Netflix-Codes for a spin and let us know what you think!