How to make your own Club on the Clubhouse App

How to Make Your Own Club on the Clubhouse App
Making a club on Clubhouse is, true to the app’s nature, isn’t wide open. You have to really furrow deep into the UI to even get to apply to make your own club. Here’s how.

If you’re looking at Clubhouse as the hot new social app to interact with your audience, you’ll most likely want to make your own club on Clubhouse.

As of writing (February 2020), Clubhouse is not only invite-only and iOS-only, it’s also restricted to profiles. While this is an initiative we’re happy to champion, you’re probably wanting to make a Clubhouse for your own brand.

So…how do you make a club on Clubhouse?

Right now, there’s no way to create a Clubhouse club directly from the app UI. All clubs will have to go through a process manually reviewed by Clubhouse moderators.

If you want to make your own Clubhouse club, you’ll need to apply.

To find the application form, you’ll have to go to your Profile > Settings > FAQs / Contact Us. This will bring you to a Notion page where you can find the link to the application form.

In the Notion page, find the toggle “How can I start a club?“. Read through the terms and find the link to the application form.

The form as of press time (February 2020) is an Airtable form, where you’ll be asked to provide your Club name, Club category, Description, and Clubhouse username.

Fill it up completely and you’re good to go!

If you’re still confused, you can watch this video and follow along.

A word about making your club on Clubhouse

Because Clubhouse is just starting out, it’s sensible (and admirable) that they want to make sure that clubs are made by real people to start real discussions.

To keep the quality of clubs, Clubhouse has the following impositions currently in place:

  • You can only make one (1) club per profile as of press time (February 2020)
  • You have to provide a schedule of regular rooms to happen in your club should it be approved.
  • Clubhouse is prioritizing clubs for people who have already hosted a weekly show 3 times.

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