LinkedIn “Services” feature being tested, allowing users to sell services natively

LinkedIn "Services" Feature: Sell services on your LinkedIn profile
The LinkedIn website, photo via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is yet again making it easy to get down with business.

As a freelancer myself, I can attest to LinkedIn being a wellspring of insights, business relationships, and clients. I have booked at least three different clients within the year alone on the platform. More importantly, I have built plenty of business relationships that can’t be beaten in terms of monetary value.

Now, we’re getting word that LinkedIn is making the process of finding clients (and inversely, contractors) much easier. According to a leak via reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, LinkedIn is testing a new “Services” feature which allows both businesses and independent professionals post their services right on their LinkedIn profile.

Check out the leaked screenshot here:

LinkedIn "Services" Feature: Sell services on your LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn’s forthcoming “services” feature, photo via Jane Wong

The new LinkedIn “Service” feature comes alongside the “Find a Service Provider” feature, which allows businesses to hire talents for a project or for longer-term commitments. This feature feels like a refinement of LinkedIn’s ProFinder, a freemium service that functions in the same vein as the forthcoming feature.

Here’s what the “Find a Service Provider” feature looks like via the LinkedIn app:

LinkedIn "Services" Feature: Sell services on your LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn’s forthcoming “Find a Service Provider” feature, photo via Jane Wong

What’s interesting here, of course, is that both features seem like they will be baked into your LinkedIn account natively. Meaning, it won’t be barricaded behind a paywall. Think of the same way content mills like Fiverr, Upwork (which Microsoft was rumored to acquire), and Freelancer function—except you can easily (and accurately) vet clients/contractors via the LinkedIn platform.

We don’t have details about the features’ rollout, but they are obviously in-development, so we can safely expect them to drop soon.

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