Google Messages will auto-delete OTP texts to help declutter your messages

An OTP-free life is on the horizon (well, kinda)!

Google Messages will auto-delete OTP texts to keep your messages clutter-free
📸: 9to5Google

Though certifiably helpful in terms of privacy and security, OTPs (one-time passwords) leave a lot of clutter in their wake.

Foremost are the text messages that pile in your text messages. If you go through your SMS app, you’ll probably find hundreds upon hundreds of OTP text messages, doomed to collect dust in your app, never to be opened again.

Google, apparently, is building a solution. As spotted by the folks at XDA Developers, the latest update for Google Messages—Google’s default messaging app—contains code that will let users to automatically delete OTP texts 24 hours after receipt.

Here’s the code for you nerdy lot:

<string name="otp_auto_deletion_promo_banner_body_text">Auto-delete OTPs after 24hrs</string>
<string name="otp_auto_deletion_promo_banner_negative_button_text">No thanks</string>
<string name="otp_auto_deletion_promo_banner_positive_button_text">Continues</string>
<string name="otp_content_description">This message is categorized as a one-time password</string>

Living in a post-SMS world, everyone will be happy to know that such a feature is in development. Personally, OTP texts account for a good percentage of texts I receive on the daily. Auto-deleting them will undoubtedly make life easier!

What do you guys about this feature?