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About Tech Rejects

Built by non-techie titos (and titas!) left to their own devices, Tech Rejects is a premier technology blog that covers a variety of tech topics—from developments on gadgets and software to how technology, as a whole, affects our ways of life.

Our goal is to empower our readers’ tech-centered lives by delivering easy-to-understand coverage and inclusive discussions about technology.

To this end, we put “non-techie filters” on our reviews and features. Meaning, even people who don’t know what a motherboard is will come out of our website more informed when making tech-related purchases and commitments.

Currently, the Tech Rejects brand is operated by our humble team, as featured below.

For questions/inquiries, please bounce off to our Contact Page.


Armando Dela Cruz


In between movies, memes, and the latest gizmos and machines, you'll find your friendly neighborhood non-techie tito. Xo.

Geoff Ledesma

Will kill Jedi for food.

Abby Singson

Writer, Tea-ta


Resident Pokémon

I'm the office pet. What about it?